SN4 becomes first full-scale Starship prototype to pass cryogenic proof test

Starship SN4 became SpaceX’s first full-scale Starship prototype to pass a cryogenic proof test on Sunday evening at SpaceX’s launch site in Boca Chica, Texas. The cryogenic proof is one of the first tests necessary to prove the vehicle’s flight-worthiness. With the successful test, SpaceX teams will now work towards a static fire, and then... Continue Reading →

Asteroid 1998 OR2 to Safely Fly Past Earth This Week

A large near-Earth asteroid will safely pass by our planet on Wednesday morning, providing astronomers with an exceptional opportunity to study the 1.5-mile-wide (2-kilometer-wide) object in great detail. The asteroid, called 1998 OR2, will make its closest approach at 5:55 a.m. EDT (2:55 a.m. PDT). While this is known as a "close approach" by astronomers,... Continue Reading →

Iran places military satellite in orbit

    Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps — a branch of the country’s armed forces — launched a small military spacecraft into orbit Wednesday, ending a string of rocket failures in the nascent Iranian satellite program. The small military craft, named Noor, flew into orbit on top of a multi-stage Qased rocket, according to Iranian state... Continue Reading →

Four Successful Women Behind the Hubble Space Telescope’s Achievements

They’ve worked in the deadly vacuum of outer space, appropriated millions of dollars for astronomical research, peered across billions of light-years to determine the universe’s age, and convinced the United States Congress to support the boldest astronomy endeavor ever undertaken by humans. To commemorate Hubble’s 30th anniversary, we present these profiles of four extraordinarily talented and... Continue Reading →

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