Sea Launch Commander arrives in far east

Sea Launch Commander has arrived in Primorye from the United States. This follows from data from the service for tracking the movement of ships

Sea Launch Commander left the port of Long Beach near Los Angeles on February 28 and arrived at the port of Slavyanka in the Far East on March 17 at 8:33 (1:33 GMT).

The Launch Pad Odyssey of the Sea Launch Project, transported by Hong Kong’s semi-submersible transport vessel Xin Guang Hua, left Long Beach on March 2 and is due to arrive in Slavyanka on March 30.

Sea Launch Commander was launched in 1997. The vessel is designed to assemble and test launch vehicles launched from the Sea Launch Cosmodrome.

On February 25, it became known that “Siberia Airlines” (part of the S7 Group) registered in the port of Slavyanka the enterprise “Sea Launch Space Center” Ltd. All necessary permits, including from the U.S. State Department, were obtained to move the rocket and space complex to the territory of the Russian Federation. The company reported that after the transition, the launch platform and the assembly-command vessel will be temporarily based at the Ship repair plant (SRH) in the port of Slavyanka.

On February 21, SRH CEO Andrei Yakimchuk reported that a one-year contract with S7 provides for the repair of the platform and its parking until the company finds a base port or builds it.

S7 Space is The first commercial company in Russia to provide a full cycle of space launch services. The company is part of the S7 Group Holding.

In 2018, S7 Group acquired sea launch. The ship Sea Launch Commander, the Odyssey platform with missile segment equipment installed on them, ground equipment at the long Beach base port and intellectual rights owned by Sea Launch, including Sea Launch, including the company’s intellectual rights, including the ship Odyssey, took over the holding. Trademark.

As reported by the CEO of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, for launch from the sea cosmodrome it is planned to create a Soyuz-7 launch vehicle.

The issue of relocating the complex to the Far East was already considered in 2013 and 2015, RIA Novosti reports. Then Vladivostok, Soviet Harbor, Crimea and Vietnam were named as the location of the launch platform and command ship. As a result, in 2016 the project was sold to the S7 group of companies, which intended to restore the launch activity and ordered the missiles in Ukraine.

In April 2018, S7 became the full owner of the floating cosmodrome. As part of the deal, she acquired the entire property complex of the project: the Sea Launch Commander, the Odyssey platform with missile segment equipment, ground equipment at the port of Long Beach and intellectual rights owned by Sea Launch, including Sea Launch, including Trademark. The total amount of the transaction, including withdrawal from conservation, is about 150 million dollars. However, the company did not continue its launch activity.

The last, the 36th in a row, was launched from the “Sea Launch” in 2014. After that, the floating cosmodrome was preserved due to the deterioration of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

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